‘The Fifth Wall’ (in dutch, ‘De Vijfde Wand’) is an allusion to the term ‘the fourth wall’ wherein theater there is the convention of an invisible, imagined wall that separates the audience from the magic circle. When the actors on stage acknowledge the audience, this is considered ‘breaking the fourth wall’.

What if the audience could actively interact with the magic circle?

You would have a layer of interactivity. In my experimental interactive theater experience investigated how technology and theater could be brought together. By using the audience’s already available smartphones the audience had received the power to vote on the direction of the plot, watch intimate conversations, work together, and listen to the character’s most intimate thoughts.

The goal of the experience was to innovate on the theater experience.

This experiment came to be in multidisciplinary cooperation with the Royal Class of Stitching Volgspot (formerly known as BrabrantTalent form Stitching Oss Cultureel). The experience was performed in a full house at culture stage ‘de Groene Engel’. The project was financed in a pay-what-you-want way, which was deemed successful.

With this graduation project, I Graduated Cum Laude at Communication and Multimedia Design at Avans University of Applied Sciences (Avans Hogeschool) and won the first graduation price “De Vaan”


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Wesley Hartogs wins the very first Boscche CMD graduation prize 'De Vaan' Wesley Hartogs wint allereerste Bossche CMD afstudeerprijs ‘De Vaan’ Punt - Avans Hogeschool (dutch)
Interactive theater experience in production 'de Vijfde Wand' Interactieve theaterbeleving in productie 'de Vijfde Wand' DTV Nieuws (dutch)


  • Royal Class of Stitching Volgspot (formerly known as BrabrantTalent form Stitching Oss Cultureel)
  • Dance choreography and performance by Gerleen van der Drift and Annefloor Imhoff