During the COVID-19 pandemic all theatre and cultural establishments were being closed for a long time. You did not have the opportunity to see a movie, go to a concert, or visit a theatre play. Before the second big lockdown hit preparations were being made to live perform an adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars”. Unfortunately, it was not possible to bring this musical to a stage within the next years.

What if you have a musical script that you cannot perform anytime soon?

That is when we decided to transform this musical into a musical film. I was responsible for all the technical, cinematographic, and editorial elements of this non-profit project. We had to work within the restrictions to create something we were proud of. Greenscreens and illustrations became the main background of this emotional story.


  • Stichting Volgspot
  • Holly van Zoggel (texts, script)
  • Dick Feld (script)
  • Floor-Anne van Vliet (director, script)
  • Gert Oude Sogtoen (music)
  • Sanne Hoekstra (illustrations)