Textile Augmented Personality (T.A.P.) is a concept which encodes and visualizes personalities based on a personality questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of four dimensions, which each are uniquely visualized in a different pattern layer. Augmented Reality (AR) decodes the pattern and reveals the specific personality characteristics of the user.

What if you could visualize your personality?

The users are young adults from 21 to 30 years, who want to visualize their personality. T.A.P. can be worn visible or invisible; to either connect with others or yourself. When wearing T.A.P. visible, new connections and interactions with others who know the concept may arise. Users who do not want to show the pattern to others can choose to wear T.A.P. invisible but more for themselves. T.A.P. is a proof of concept which shows the possibilities of visualizing a personality in a pattern that can be worn, and which is decoded using Augmented Reality.



  • Katie Verschueren
  • Eline Renne
  • Vince Canisius
  • Wesley Hartogs