Can you move unnoticed through public space in a city that watches you?

In the city center of Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch hang dozens of surveillance cameras that maintain public order and safety. But where are those cameras hanging exactly? It turns out to be a very good question, to which you as a citizen do not get a straightforward answer. Actually quite strange, because you do have your right to privacy and the right not to be filmed.

What if you don't know where all the cameras are?

Den Bosch likes to position itself as a data city, but is it also an ethical data city? There is no better time to ask this question than during Data Week NL. We do this with #overzichteloos: a 2 player co-op game in which you are challenged to complete a route without being spotted by the cameras.


Intro Video - Video mapping (In dutch)

Outro Video - Video mapping (In dutch)

Publieke Codes Aftermovie (In dutch)

Publications and Media

See project 'Public Codes' during the Data Week in the Bosch Project ‘Publieke codes’ tijdens dataweek in Den Bosch te zien DTV Nieuws (dutch)


  • A project by Bedrijf de Liefde
  • Bedrijf de Liefde: Iris Janssen, Tijn La Vos, Floris Kimpel, Sanne Boersma, Wesley Hartogs
  • Publieke Codes - Huis73 & De Reuringdienst