Since the existence of drones, I’m fascinated by them. Those relatively small flying objects that are flying through the sky with a lot of dexterity. Some of them are even able to capture video to make stunning videos. But when I got my first drone, it didn’t survive very long because it crashed into a tree. Piloting these machines was difficult.

What if you could control a drone with your mind?

At my studies, I laid my hands on a portable EEG sensor and I was wondering if I could hack it to control a tiny drone. I believe in sharing knowledge to enable people to do more interesting things. The idea for this project was to share my process and insights in the form of an open-source tutorial. The tutorial is seen by more than 68.000 people and was featured in the Italian Maker Magazine and on the offical Arduino social media pages.


Mind Controlled Drone - Tutorial

Publications and Media

Read the tutorial here Arduino Create
Fourth-year student Wesley stands with his project that he made last year for the Creative Technology course in the Italian Maker magazine. Vierdejaars student Wesley staat met zijn project dat hij vorig studiejaar maakte voor het vak Creative Technology in het Italiaanse Maker magazine. Maker Magazine (Italy) - via CMD Facebook (dutch / italian)