“So... you're looking for a way to connect with someone? You have come to the right place.” With the democratization of synthetic generative AI, more forms of media can be artificially generated that are indistinguishable from real media. This disruptive advancement has ethical and design implications.

What if an AI can generate artifacts that are indistinguishable from real media?

The “Love Letter Generator” is a project by design agency “Bedrijf de Liefde” that encourages reflection and discussion about the use of AI. The generated love letters are powered by GPT-3 by OpenAI. Is it ethical to use AI to write a love letter for your loved one? Do you consider this deception?

Could the use of generative AI endanger our ability to form meaningful connections in the future?

Through this interactive installation you interact with a chatbot to gather the data to print an artificially but beautifully written love letter in collaboration with the AI.


Love Letter Generator | A project by Bedrijf de Liefde


  • A project by Bedrijf de Liefde
  • Bedrijf de Liefde: Iris Janssen, Tijn La Vos, Floris Kimpel, Sanne Boersma, Wesley Hartogs
  • Caroline Hummels (Coaching)
  • AI powered by OpenAI GPT-3