There is an endless flow of data in everyday life. This data is mainly invisible and the dependence on this data is enormous. With this critical interactive installation at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, we aimed to start a debate about what is possible.

What if data is visible and tangible?

In LocalMist the visitor of the Dutch Design week will experience first hand how a simple photo by an everyday webcam can extract personal data. In this design for debate, we question the notion of privacy in a world full of cameras.

Thank you for your data.

By slowing down a split-second process over several minutes we were able to visualize the inner workings of our machine learning model artistically. Every participant of LocalMist received a personal receipt with their data printed on it. The data printed contained info about their age, ethnicity, personality type, and gender.


DDW Report (In dutch)


Pakhuis de Zwijger Talk (In dutch)

Publications and Media

Dutch Design Week: CMD students get personal data from a simple webcam photo Dutch Design Week: CMD-studenten halen persoonlijke data uit simpele webcamfoto Punt - Avans Hogeschool (dutch)


  • Jarne Cooijmans
  • Eugené Janssen
  • Jakob Povel
  • Wesley Hartogs
  • Rosa Raaphorst
  • Bo Conrads
  • Peter Hoens
  • Brenda Renssen
  • Marja Bernts
  • Sofie Deen
  • Minor Meaningful Data Design, Avans University of Applied Sciences
  • Municipality of Breda