Great Urgency

Realizing a 1m2 house inside of a dixi

Recently, it’s not so self-evident that you have that roof over your head, can keep it, or even find it. It’s shit that the housing market is currently in a housing crisis. A crisis that affects the lives of many people every day, in 's-Hertogenbosch.

What if the only option to find a house is to build one in a dixi?

Hoge Nood is the tiniest tiny house of the Netherlands. With this installation we collect and share stories about how people experience the housing crisis.

The housing crisis is not only about hard data, but especially about people.


Wonen in een Dixi? Hier kan het! | Omroep Brabant (In dutch)

Publications and Media

Dixi rebuildt to tiny house, this is still affordable for young peopleDixi converted into a tiny house: 'This is still affordable for young people'Omroep Brabant (dutch)
Tiny house in a dixi unleashes stories about the housing crisisTiny house in een dixi maakt verhalen over de wooncrisis losBossche Omroep (dutch)
Designers collective builds smallest house in Den Bosch in a dixiOntwerperscollectief bouwt kleinste woning van Den Bosch in een dixiDTV Nieuws (dutch)
High (housing) need in Den Bosch: the only affordable house is a DixiHoge (woning)nood in Den Bosch: het enige betaalbare huis is een DixiHart van Nederland (dutch)
Dixi as a house shows the housing crisis: 'It is impossible to find a house in Den Bosch'Dixi als huisje brengt woningcrisis in beeld: ‘Het is in Den Bosch niet te doen om een huis te vinden’Brabants Dagblad (dutch)


  • A project by Bedrijf de Liefde
  • Bedrijf de Liefde: Iris Janssen, Tijn La Vos, Floris Kimpel, Sanne Boersma, Wesley Hartogs
  • City Boost
  • De Bossche Zomer
  • Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Caboom Media (pictures)



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