My Vision

Empower individuals to embrace the digital age.


Our society's relationship with each other is becoming increasingly disconnected, despite the unprecedented connectivity offered by technology. In this transformative landscape, designers have the extraordinary opportunity to envision and bring to life a future that is meaningful, compassionate, and empathetic.

I consider this disconnection as a societal challenge that can inspire design. People, especially the younger and adolescent generations, can be involved and educated about the challenges, threats, and opportunities of the digital age.

As a designer, I think bridging the digital and the physical world with a hybrid approach is essential. I imagine the designers of tomorrow as critical, versatile, resilient, and adaptive. I need to have faith and confidence in my ability to do good and be helpful. I do this by adopting a mindset of creating meaningful relationships by carefully listening.

I create designs and generate opportunities for intriguing new experiences that stimulate, educate, and encourage discourse.

My curiosity and enthusiasm connect art, design, and technology with society to make an impact.

This is what I do with love, passion, and creativity.

To create, connect and inspire.

To make love.


Small pieces of information about me

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What I do

My main passion lies in the creation of immersive and interactive digital experiences. I specialize in leveraging technology to push the boundaries of what is possible, crafting experiences that leave a lasting impact.

In addition to my design work, I also offer consulting services to help researchers, businesses and individuals harness the power of interactive technology. Whether it's advising on user experience design, recommending the latest technological advancements, or providing insights on integrating interactive elements into existing systems, I strive to help you achieve your goals.

Furthermore, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with others. I am available for conducting workshops and guest lectures, where I engage with students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, inspiring them to explore the realms of interactive design and technology. It brings me great joy to foster curiosity and empower others to create their own meaningful and innovative experiences.


With a wide range of technology skills, I am able to create innovative and engaging (hybrid) experiences. I excel at creative coding especially in the context of (full-stack) web development. Next to that I have a strong affinity with hardware and electronics and I am able to create interactive installations and IoT projects.

These proficiencies enable me to prototype and bring diverse ideas to life.


I hold a bachelor of Communication and Multimedia Design from Avans University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch. I gruaduated Cum Laude in 2019.

After that I started a pre-master and master in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology and gruaduated in 2023.

Bedrijf de Liefde

As a proud member of Bedrijf de Liefde, a dynamic design studio, we are dedicated to infusing humor, topicality, and connection into our projects. Our mission is to create meaningful experiences that confront people with current societal issues in playful and engaging ways.

Through our unique blend of design and technology, we strive to create thought-provoking encounters that foster dialogue and inspire positive change.

Currently Exploring

As a curious and forward-thinking designer, I am actively exploring exciting areas that fuel my creativity and expand my understanding of the world.

One of my current interests lies in the concept of "commoning" and the exploration of the Minor Key. I am fascinated by the potential of collective action, community-building, and shared resources to create more inclusive and sustainable societies.

In addition, I am diving into the realm of (Generative) Artificial Intelligence, uncovering its possibilities and implications for creative expression, problem-solving, and enhancing user experiences.

Furthermore, I am interested the intersection of technology and democracy through the lens of Digital Democracies. This exploration involves understanding how technology can empower individuals, foster engagement, and enable more transparent and participatory democratic processes.


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