Technology is at the core of change. Understanding the impact of this technology is the key to solving problems. As a curious, enthusiastic, and versatile designer, I am concerned with the ‘what if’ and ‘is it possible to’ questions. Everything that I can think of, I want to be able to build it. Understanding technology is one thing but making it meaningful and intriguing is another challenge.

Curiosity is at the core of my being. I want to combine multiple perspectives from different fields of design. My fascination for creative interactive technology and software is vast, I use this as a material to create new and creative experiences.

With a background and interest in art, communication, and digital multimedia design I confront problems and opportunities creatively and artistically.

I am skilled with interactive programming, organizing, and prototyping to realize innovative ideas and abstract concepts. In projects I take the role of connector, connecting ideas and perspectives towards a common goal. I’m observant and interested. I do research, can conceptualize and concretize iteratively with a multidisciplinary approach.

A strong theme in my work is connection. I connect art, design and technology to create new experiences. I believe in the power of conversations with people, abstract ideas, and technology. By having those conversations new experiences with positive impacts are created.

With conversations, you establish deep connections.

I consider love as a product of connection.

I make love.


Our society’s relationship with each other is becoming more disconnected. Although technology is becoming more connected than ever. In this changing environment, designers need to imagine and realize the future.

I consider this disconnection as a societal challenge that can inspire design. People and especially the younger and adolescent generations can be engaged and educated with the challenges, threats, and opportunities of the digital age.

As a designer, I find it interesting to bridge and connect the digital and the physical worlds. I believe that the designer of tomorrow needs to be versatile, flexible, and adaptive. I need to have faith and confidence in my ability to do good. I do this by adopting a mindset of meaningful relationships, carefully listening, and seeking out the core of the problems that I encounter.

With speculation, education, and prototyping I develop solutions, see and create opportunities for new intriguing experiences.

I combine my curiosity and enthusiasm to connect art, design, and technology with society to make an impact.

This is what I do with love, passion, and creativity.

To create, connect and inspire.

To make love.